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SP Corbin Stacey 32° (15)—Taekwondo Paralympian

The United States Army Staff Sgt. Corbin Stacey Story

SP Corbin Stacey 32° (15)

SP Corbin Stacey 32° (15)

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“Securing Our Future by Investing in Our Youth”

Submitted by S.G.I.G. Arlin Jackson 33°
Miami Consistory No. 26
Valley of Dayton - Orient of Ohio


Pictured from left to right are S.G.I.G. Homer L. Buchanan 33°; Mr. Brian Dixon Sr. (father); Brian Dixon Jr. (scholarship recipient); S.G.I.G. Charles V. Williams III 33°; Mrs. Leslie Dixon (mother); Neolani Dixon (sister); WM Maryann Simmons (grandmother); and S.G.I.G. Thomas G. Graham 33o.  Photograph provided by G.I.G. Villani J. Thomas 33°

Miami Consistory No. 26, Valley of Dayton, Orient of Ohio, selected Mr. Brian Dixon Jr. as its 2018 United Supreme Council Benevolent Fund Scholarship recipient.  The scholarship was presented by S.G.I.G. Homer L. Buchanan 33°; S.G.I.G. Charles V. Williams III 33°; and S.G.I.G. Thomas G. Graham 33°—all of Miami Consistory No. 26, Valley of Dayton, Orient of Ohio.

Brian is a student in the College of Engineering at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.  He was accompanied by his parents Brian Dixon Sr. and Leslie Dixon; his sister Neolani Dixon; and his grandmother Maryann Simmons—Worthy Matron, Eastern Star Chapter No. 2, O.E.S., in Xenia, Ohio.  The attached photo shows the scholarship recipient being presented with the $1,000.00 check on behalf of The United Supreme Council. 

The Ohio Council of Deliberation Scholarship Commission

The Chairman of the Ohio Council of Deliberation (OCOD) Scholarship Commission is S.G.I.G. Gerald S. Friason 33°.  In October 2018, during our 109th Annual Session held in the Valley of Dayton, Orient of Ohio, the Commission was able to award 38 scholarships totaling $21,500.00.  The recipients along with the school they plan to attend are as follows:


The OCOD Scholarship Commission had its inception in 1962.  During the early years, one recipient received a scholarship for $500.00.  Several years later, it was the decision of the pioneering Fraters on the Commission to award only the interest earned after a base of $10,000.00 was established.  This would ensure the longevity and viability of the OCOD to award scholarships.  During the 56-year span of the existence of the Commission, the OCOD has awarded over $400,000.00 to well more than 500 students.  We are most grateful for the scholarship monies received from the United Supreme Council and it is our fervent desire to continue to bless students in the coming years.  We MUST remember that the children are our future and NOW is the time to invest in our future.

USC Medical Symposium presentation in Denver

LL Dorothy L. Gordon USC Denver   Presentation (1).png